PROOF that Glasgow is evolving from old stereotypes comes from Terry McGeary in East Kilbride who took the ferry over from the Riverside Museum to Govan. Says Terry: "I was wandering along the main street, my little video camera in hand, when I was approached by a little tyke on a bike who, screaching to a halt, enquired, 'Mister, dae ye vlog?'.

"Bemused by this unexpected interrogation of a pensioner minding his own business I explained that I didn't, but I 'Youtubed'.

'What are ye called?' replied the tiny cyclist. Apparently satisfied with my answer he pedalled off along Govan Road shouting back an encouraging, 'I'll "Like" and Subscribe"!'

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"Is this a sign of creeping Govan gentrification?"

VERBAL misunderstandings continued, as taxi driver Brian Higgins tells us of waiting with other drivers for the Transplant Team at Glasgow's Royal Infirmary to finish their sterling work. Says Brian: "The call came through, 'First car on the rank pick up a doctor and take them home on account. Next car, ditto.'

"Shortly afterwards the second driver entered reception and called out, 'Taxi for Dr Ditto'."

AND Jim Nicol in Lenzie recalls his mother-in-law answering the door at the family farm in Cardross where a distressed chap told her: "I've lost my bairns." Says Jim: "She asked him, 'Goodness, when did you last see them?' Some further explanation revealed that the traveller had actually only lost his bearings, and was easily set on the right path."

CONGRATULATIONS on Paisley making it to the short-list for the UK's City of Culture, 2021. We liked the reaction of one reader of an English newspaper reporting the short-list who commented: "I spent nine joyous years working in Paisley. Great town, great people, great fun. Following St Miren is a life-long exercise in hope over experience. OK, broadcaster Andrew Neil is from there as is banker Fred 'The Shred' Goodwin, but every town has its low-lifes."

A MOUNT Florida reader says he learned something new when he got the train into town and a young girl reading messages on her phone told her pal: "She says she misses not being able to make it for lunch with us, and added seven exclamation marks."

The girl on the train then added the explanation: "The more exclamation marks someone uses, the more they are lying."

TALKING of mobile phones, a Bearsden reader shares a piece of whimsy with us by emailing: "I hope the technical guy who invented autocorrect burns in hello!"

YES, it's Fair Monday today. Our mention of the Fair brings forth from a reader in Bishopbriggs: "It's not really a family holiday until someone in the car threatens to throw someone's else prized possession out of the window."

FOR sheer daftness, a reader in Kelvinbridge phones to tell us: "I just read a book about the Stockholm Syndrome. It wasn't that good at first, but by the end I really liked it."

THE office is quiet on a Sunday so there is nowhere to hide. A colleague tracks me down immediately and declares: "I went to my local library the other day and asked where I could find a book on childbirth."

I just stare at him but he continues anyway: "The librarian said, 'Try over there in the C Section'."