I READ with some frustration your editorial regarding the rewilding of the UK ("Reintroducing wolves is really not such a bad idea", The Herald, July 17).

It is common practice to cite the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park as an example of the beneficial effects on the whole ecosystem. I have seen the effects this has indeed had but must point out this can in no way parallel the situation in the UK. The reintroduced wolves preyed upon the deer and this reduced the detrimental effect of the deer on the ecosystem. However, in the UK there is a much more easily hunted prey, namely sheep, which were non-existent in Yellowstone. Predators inevitably attack the easiest prey and this is certainly not fleet-footed deer.

Once again this appears to be an example of an urban mentality which considers the countryside as a tourist attraction rather than a place to live and work. Is anyone surprised that those proposing the reintroduction of the lynx are based in Oxford but want to reintroduce them in Northumberland? It would appear that these "experts" wish to turn back the clock to a time of their deciding. Are we to reforest the UK back to a time when it was completely covered in trees or perhaps we should reintroduce crocodiles whose remains have been found in various parts of the UK?

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It would appear we are living in a theme park.

David Stubley,

22 Templeton Crescent, Prestwick.

I HEAR much talk of introducing the lynx and wolves. I can think of a few other things that should be re-introduced first. Integrity in public life, the state pensions for the Waspis (Women Against State Pension Inequality), and circuit training and competitive sport in schools. My personal favourite would be the return of macaroon bar salesmen at football matches. The football was better then. Perhaps others will tell us what they are missing.

John Dunlop,

9 Birnam Crescent, Glasgow.