ONE has to admire your correspondents (Letters, August 8&10) for their, albeit unjustified, confidence than Britain will succeed post-Brexit.

However, they might like to consider why the bulk of news about the Brexit process is bad.

Has it occurred to them that this might be due to there being almost nothing positive to report?

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The most that we can probably expect after leaving the EU is to make the best of a bad job.

Any deal with the EU obtained by David Davis and his crew will be far worse than at present as members.

Your correspondents call for the rest of us to stand behind our negotiators; is it wise to support those negotiating the best way to jump off a cliff?

The much-vaunted “taking back control” from Brussels is a total sham; no Brexit enthusiast has ever been able to give a convincing example of the UK being controlled by Brussels.

After leaving the EU, our freedom to act will be more tightly curbed by the realities of economics, especially the “America first” policies of the Trump administration.

Furthermore, given the increasingly erratic and bellicose noises coming from Washington, a strong, united Europe is the last thing we should be attempting to leave.

Dr RM Morris,

Veslehaug, Polesburn,

Methlick, Ellon.