It was great to see the photograph of a Humber in police service (“Those Were The Days”, The Herald, September 8 & Letters, September 12).

There was nothing sinister about the holes on the boot lid. This was simply where the model emblem was affixed denoting the Hawk or the Snipe. The fuel filler was the right hand reflector which was unscrewed, giving access to the tank.

Grandad had a new Snipe just after the model was introduced, and in those days, before self-service garages, he would sit in the driving seat and, sure enough, the petrol attendant would come to ask where the filler was.

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One day the attendant seemed to know what he was doing so grandad strolled round behind the car to find the chap had managed to unscrew the left reflector by mistake and was busily filling the car’s boot with fuel.

Scott Macintosh,

4 Alder Crescent, Killearn, Stirlingshire.

I REMEMBER the Humber Super Snipe was the vehicle in which Detective Chief Superintendant Lockhart was driven out of Old Scotland Yard at the start of each episode of the police fictional series No Hiding Place in the late 1950s-early 60s.

Christopher W Ide,

25, Riverside Road, Waterfoot, East Renfrewshire.