I WAS interested to read about the proposed new direct air route from Edinburgh to Washington (“Edinburgh will start flights to Washington”, The Herald, September 13).

Having just returned from a trip to Chicago via Edinburgh Airport, I wonder if chief executive Gordon Dewar and his executive team

have any plans to bring their security arrangements into the

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21st century.

On reaching security we were herded like cattle, being buffeted and pushed by other passengers, until we reached the lined-off


During this time it was claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Goodness knows what would have happened if a fellow travellers had fallen over.

There were a number of American visitors within earshot who commented that they had not experienced anything like it at a major airport.

When we eventually arrived at the conveyor belt and scanners, we were met by staff who seemed to have missed the customer care training day.

To describe them as surly at best would, I believe, be complimentary.

In contrast, our return flight arrangements at O’Hare airport in Chicago were a delight.

My son dropped us off directly in front of the departure hall (and didn’t have to pay for the privilege).

Security was prompt, friendly and efficient.

Edinburgh Airport would do well to have a look at O’Hare for some pointers on the customer experience.

While it is welcome to have more direct destinations from Scottish airports, surely it should be incumbent on airport management to ensure that they have the facilities to handle the increased traffic before they start bidding for additional routes.

Jim Leslie,

72 Sutherland Way,

Eas Kilbride.