While Glasgow-based Quiz rightly is quite rightly happy about its 35 per cent growth in overall sales, the significant 204 per cent increase in online sales is the stand-out number in the group’s first trading update since its July flotation.

This increase, along with a 10 per cent bump in international sales, means that 42 per cent of Quiz’s £56.1m sales now comes from these channels.

Chief commercial officer Sheraz Ramzan revealed that the company’s ambition is to have a “good” majority of sales coming from its online and international operations.

In an era when the literal future of the high street is in question, clothes retailers without a wider plan are already doomed.

Children born today will no doubt find the concept of walking into a shop to buy a compact disc or DVD absurd when they can be downloaded straight onto a smartphone.

Fashion, by virtue of its physicality, is of course different, but the overall split in sales value between online and the high street will dramatically shift as the next generation reaches adulthood and brings its digital shopping habits with it.

Quiz is therefore looking longer term, and rolling this strategy out into the US market, where Mr Ramzan is looking to tap into the appeal of social media celebrities, should make those numbers all the more appealing by the end of the year.