WITH regard to the jail sentence of nine years for Romanian Samuel Ciornei for the rape of a 14-year-old girl, (of "premeditated nature"), is it not time to reconsider our system for immigrant criminals ("Nine years for ‘sinister’ rapist", The Herald, November 11)? Let me say first I voted Remain and support immigration, but I struggle with the fact that this criminal is going to have a roof over his head, receive regular hot meals and take part in further education if desired. He was in the UK for just over three weeks.

Time for much wider thinking, is it not? There should be a time limit of residency in this country free of breaking the law – perhaps for one or two years. Committing a criminal offence should result in immediate deportation. The money we are giving for this criminal's care would be better spent supporting a deprived, struggling, vulnerable young person who would love a guaranteed nine years of accommodation, a stable environment and the opportunity to further him/herself and enter the working world – without breaking the law. I know I would prefer my hard-earned tax to be spent this way.

Sue Wade,

5 Lindston Place, Alloway, Ayr.