SUE Wade (Letters, November 14) misses the point as to why our justice system has jailed brutal rapist Samuel Ciornei for nine years instead of deporting him (“Nine years for ‘sinister’ rapist”, The Herald, November 14).

First, with open borders, there would be nothing to stop him re-entering the country through our sea ports to reoffend, safe in the knowledge the only punishment he will receive is ejection. That of course will be remedied (hopefully) over the next few years.

Secondly, if Ms Wade thinks that Mr Ciornei is going to enjoy a life of slothful ease with full bed and board under H.M. Prisons, she's been watching too many episodes of Porridge. He's got nine years of looking over his shoulder from dawn to dusk.

At any time another prisoner – including his own cellmate whom he will be locked in with for up to 20 hours a day – may attack him without warning in the hope of the ample rewards from outside "well-wishers" on the back of the inevitable lurid tabloid headlines whenever a notorious inmate is assaulted (particularly if they get their family to spin a prepared "I'm no angel, but..." statement of faux moral outrage), and with no guarantee that the guards will rescue him in time.

Mark Boyle,

15 Linn Park Gardens,

Johnstone, Renfrewshire.