RONALD Segger was his name, and one day in mid-August 1956 he found himself in the Glasgow newspapers after a remarkable act of bravery on his part.

In the words of The Bulletin: “A Glasgow Corporation bus driver leaped from his bus in Springburn Road, near St Rollox Goods Yard, last night and raced after and caught another bus which was running backwards downhill out of control.”The second driver was hanging unconscious from his cabin window after his vehicle spun round following a collision with another Corporation bus in which 24 people, including several children, were injured. Mr Segger, of Tollcross, pursued the out-of-control bus, jumped aboard and managed to apply the handbrake - just as the rear of the bus was about to smash into a tenement. He then helped to lift the unconscious driver, a 26-year-old man, from his wrecked cabin. “When I saw the wheels lock on one bus I knew what was going to happen and braked,” Mr Segger told newsmen. “The unconscious driver was hanging from his cabin with blood running from a cut on his forehead.” Several housewives living near the crash scene took the injured into their homes out of the rain. The injured were all allowed home after hospital treatment.

As for 35-year-old Mr Segger, he quietly got back into his own bus and continued on his timetabled way to North Carntyne.