RICHARD Lochhead’s article (“We must end the scandal of delivery surcharges”, Agenda, The Herald, December 4) usefully draws attention to some of the silly delivery charges imposed by retailers.

However, one needs to realise that it is not just rural Scotland that has surcharges.

Regularly my sister in Northern Ireland faces the same surcharges so she has her orders delivered to me in Glasgow. They then get to Belfast on my next trip over.

Any legislation will need to apply to all of the ripped-off parts of the United Kingdom.

Dave Sutton,

Douglas Gate,


JUST like Jim Torbett, (Letters, December 6), I collect loose change during the year. I then put the coins into the relevant little plastic bags.

I used to be able to hand these in to any bank in exchange for bank notes which, at this time of year, Christmas, were used to buy goodies for a local charity; no longer.

I now have to travel from Dumbarton to Glasgow in order to pay the money into my account, as the Co-operative Bank does not have a branch in Dumbarton.

Some years I have as many as 20 little bags, heavy with coins, a considerable inconvenience and one which I think is quite unnecessary.

Rose Harvie,

82 Bonhill Road,