MY wife and I had a good chortle at Steven Camley's cartoon (The Herald, January 11, above), which brought back the memory of a time, some years ago, when a then friend of my wife was in our house, and had tried on a dress which my wife had ordered for her through a catalogue service. My son, who was 11at the time, and had not yet come to understand the social acceptance and necessity at times of white lies, appeared on the scene, and was put on the spot by this woman who asked him: "Does my bum look big in this?" Much to the delight of this woman, my son replied "No" only for her delight to be crushed by the follow-up line from my son, "Your bum IS big".

Never ask a question if there is a chance you might not like the answer.

David Campbell,

Atholl Crescent, Paisley.