ARCHIE Burleigh (Letters, February 10) seems to doubt Scotland’s ability to pay for its own infrastructure.

Since the M1 from London to Birmingham was started in 1960, motorways have been built all over England. Scotland and its infrastructure were never important to the UK.The M8 was not started till 1975 and was finally completed more 40 years later by the SNP Government.

Things moved very slowly until devolution. Not only do we have no motorways north of Perth; we also have hardly any dual carriageways either. The SNP Government was thwarted 10 years ago with its plan to dual the A9 in favour of trams for Edinburgh. We all know how well that went.

The Borders Railway was re-opened in 2015, the Queensferry Crossing was completed last year and work to dual the A9 is at last underway. This is being financed by the Scottish Government from its own budget despite not being allowed to borrow money until very recently.

Can we do better on our own? You bet.

Margaret Pennycook,

42 Aytoun Road,