WE are grateful to Robert Loves (Letters, February 3) for his supportive comments on the Burrell’s Degas holdings which are currently on loan, and on display, at the National Gallery in London.

We are fully committed to the lessons which can be learned from such loans. Indeed, the purpose of the Burrell Renaissance, as the name implies, is not just to restore the building, but to liberate the potential of our world-class collection and create links with major international institutions.

The restored building will therefore include an enhanced committed space for future temporary exhibitions. This will enable us to focus on the many chapters of strength within the collections and to also provide a context for related works, borrowed from other major institutions. These will confirm and inform the strength and quality of our collections.

This outward-looking, and ambitious, approach will certainly provide Glasgow with a greater opportunity to enjoy, and understand the collection, and the world-class achievement of Sir William Burrell. That reflects the international confidence of Glasgow at his time, and the mercantile ambitions and achievements of a great city.

It is a wonderful legacy, and it is the privilege and responsibility of our generation, to carry forward the example and opportunity which his gift has provided.

Sir Angus Grossart,

48 Queen Street, Edinburgh.