DAVID Torrance ("Playing the history card could be key to Labour's resurgence", The Herald, March 12) , in his desire to downplay the SNP Government on any issue, misstates his argument in two areas.

First, the SNP came to the "Yes/Yes" campaign table late, but much earlier than "(very) late to the game". I was one of the Liberal Democrat representatives on the campaign board, where Labour, LibDem and SNP worked harmoniously for months, not weeks, with the various civic groups to secure a positive vote for devolution.

Secondly, both Mr Torrance and Iain Gray are mistaken about student fees. I again represented the LibDems on a party working group looking at a response to England's plans for student fees, and the Labour/LibDem coalition eventually agreed on a modest "graduate contribution". The SNP, shortly after taking office, abolished that and introduced no-cost tuition, though students take on loans for accommodation and living costs.

I eventually left the LibDems principally over the surrender by Nick Clegg over the massive increase in tuition fees in England, fortunately resisted thus far in Scotland.

Stefan G Kay,

7 King's Cramond, Barnton, Edinburgh.