IT is bizarre that Otto Inglis (Letters, May 16) uses multiple examples where he feels “the right of return” of indigenous peoples is nonsensical and impractical when that is the bedrock on which the Zionists have created the ever-expanding State of Israel. I wonder just how many “Friends of Israel” at Westminster and elsewhere are knowledgeable in depth about the violence which was used to create the state in the 1940s when it was a British protectorate. How many remember or indeed know about the hundreds of British servicemen who lost their lives as Britain tried to extricate itself from the mess it had created by the Balfour declaration?

How short and selective our collective minds can be.

David J Crawford,

85 Whittingehame Court, 1300 Great Western Road, Glasgow.

I WAS watching the BBC News channel and its veteran reporter Jeremy Bowen was commenting on the fact that all the injured Palestinian persons he had interviewed during the events of Monday had denied any Hamas involvement in urging them to protest.

I then turned over to the Al Jazeera channel and its reporter was interviewing a young hospitalised Palestinian who stated: "When the Hamas loudspeakers started blaring out to all, imploring them to go to the border....."

Who does one believe?

Archie Burleigh,

Meigle Cottage, Skelmorlie.