GLASGOW’S civic chiefs were understandably proud of their slogan, Glasgow’s Miles Better. It was launched to much fanfare in June 1983, and the Mr Happy figure became a familiar sight across the city. “It’s the most ambitious marketing job Glasgow has ever known,” reported the Evening Times.

Trouble was, the slogan could also be adopted for other purposes, as here. Mrs Margaret McAvoy, 78, held up this banner at a protest in Barlanark in April, 1985. There had been an 18-month delay in the letting of a sheltered housing complex, Glasgow District Council having decided that the houses were unfit for letting because of alleged inadequate sound insulation. They had also been targeted by vandals.

A councillor had promised that the homes would now be ready in 10 days’ time. They’d better be, warned the local branch of the Scottish Old Age Pensioners’ Association, otherwise we will be holding further protests. Said Mrs McAvoy: “We are annoyed at the delay, but obviously pleased it seems to be over.”