PRESIDENT Trump is right to call for the readmission of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to the G7 Group ("Trump wants Putin to be brought back to G7 as he lashes out again", The Herald, June 9). While Russia’s behaviour leaves a lot to be desired, its expulsion from the G8 over the invasion of Crimea and its involvement in the Ukrainian civil war was unrealistic and counter-productive.

That war was the result of a coup d’état by western-backed Ukrainian nationalists against the democratically elected government. Given that since the Holodomor famine eastern Ukraine has had a largely Russian population, how could Russia fail to intervene? Also, Crimea has a Russian majority and was only administratively transferred to the Ukraine in the 1950s.

We should be thankful for Russian intervention in Syria in support of the internationally recognised government; without it we would have the genocidal Islamic State controlling the entire country and threatening neighbours.

Certainly, Russia creates much mischief in the world through disinformation, cyber-warfare and assassinations, but it is better to engage rather than oppose it where it has pressing national interests and where it is doing the right thing.

Otto Inglis,

6 Inveralmond Grove, Edinburgh.

CURRENTLY centre stage with the Kim/Trump talks (“Trump prepares for summit with North Korea’s dictator... by not preparing at all”, The Herald, June 11), Singapore is an excellent example of what a small independent country can achieve.

It has almost exactly the same population as Scotland (5.5 million) and almost the same GDP. Yet, unlike Scotland, it has no natural resources, no agriculture and the whole country is half the area of Fife.

It used to be part of Malaysia but in the 50 years or so since it declared independence it has gone from poverty and great illiteracy to having the best educated and richest population in Asia and it has followed its motto of “Clean and Green” by having more green spaces than any comparable city.

It hosts international conferences, takes part in UN peace-keeping efforts, supports some of the best medical facilities in the world and is a leader in high-tech innovation.

It is only 700 square kilometres, yet there are those who say Scotland is too small to be Independent.

James Duncan,

30/4 Rattray Grove, Edinburgh.