THERE have been so many adverse reports on our nursing staff lately, and this being the 70th birthday of our NHS I am compelled to send in a glowing epistle on the Glasgow Royal Infirmary – not that I have always felt this way.

In the past I have had a number of complaints – two to the Ombudsman about treatment – but I have just returned home after 15 weeks in Ward 38 and my outlook and opinions have changed.

I witnessed every kind of adverse human behaviour towards the staff and marvelled at the composure of all professional staff and others – from porters to domestics. I saw them punched, called liars, patients on hunger strike being coaxed to eat, some of them throwing jugs of water, kicking over TVs – all treated with understanding and empathetic kindness.

Each and every one of those staff, from doctors to domestics, deserve a medal – they certainly deserve every penny they get and more.

Pearl Bain,

Sandgate Avenue, Glasgow.