NIGEL Dewar Gibb (Letters, July 10) does well to remind us of Alexander "Greek" Thomson. His buildings are now well into their second century and are a testimony to his architectural genius and ethos. Mackintosh was also a genius with a fully developed style of his own. A century on he has also proved the sustainability of his designs. Scotland still has many buildings to remind us of the many other great Scottish architects of the past. An enviable legacy.

Duncan Miller,

38 Middlemuir Road, Lenzie.

REGARDING the discussion over rebuilding the Glasgow School of Art (GSA) in situ, elsewhere or at all, the school purchased the old Stow College building which is in a very prominent position, with ample ground on the frontage and to the left hand side. Could part or all of the GSA frontage not be sympathetically incorporated on to that site, thus keeping it on campus, visible to all passing traffic/people and at a considerable lesser cost than a rebuild and yet another begging bowl appeal?

George Dale,

21 Oakwood Drive, Beith.