THIS letter is directed to all your readers who buy goods online, but in particular, is directed to a lady in Glendevon.

Our son had a parcel to deliver and ended up making three trips to Glendevon, because on each occasion there was no one in to accept the parcel. And because the lady had not bothered when ordering to give instructions like "leave in safe place", he could not leave the parcel.

After three attempts to deliver, this parcel was returned to the depot.

If the parcel had been delivered successfully, our son would have earned the princely sum of £1.20, but in the event of non-delivery, our son earns nothing. So, three trips of 12 miles and time and fuel in his own car involved, all for nothing, thanks to a complete lack of consideration.

My simple request, on behalf of all courier drivers, is: when you order online, please ensure that someone is in to receive the goods, but if this is going to be a problem, please instruct that the goods may be left "in a safe place" (or similar).

Boyd Houston,

Old West Manse, Dollar.