YESTERDAY I boarded a No 6 First Bus in Hope Street, Glasgow and encountered behaviour I have never seen before. My attention was immediately taken by a tall respectable-looking man standing swaying gently in the section of space set aside for wheelchairs. The mature grey-hired individual was well dressed in private-club mode with tweed jacket, formal shirt and tie, polished shoes, the lot. Looked like a businessman or senior academic who had taken too many G&T’s over luncheon. This clown then proceeded to deliberately barge into a succession of boarding passengers, their only common factor being that they were not Caucasian and had the temerity to stand near him. One young Asian lad actually turned around and left the bus after having been elbowed in the ear by this oaf who gave the impression he was accustomed to the lower orders obeying his every command. Despite adverse comments from several passengers, including my questioning his parentage, he was unabashed.

I was an Old Firm football fan in the last century so sectarian abuse and animosity I have encountered many times but this was the first time I have encountered blatant racism in Glasgow. I know these buses have security cameras, I assume they work and somebody actually scrutinises the footage; if so I hope the information is passed to the relevant authorities.

David J Crawford,

85 Whittingehame Court, 1300 Great Western Road, Glasgow.