I NOTE your article on architect Gordon Gibb's suggestion ("Mackintosh Building ‘shouldn’t be run by art school board’", The Herald, November 7) that the Mackintosh Building should be taken out of the hands of the Glasgow School of Art board as it appears that its current priorities are the expansion of the campus. It looks as if it is even unable to look after its extended campus either, going by the apparent lack of progress with the Stow College works.

There appears to be a "working from the bottom up" method of refurbishment at the building, instead of carrying out the proposed major alterations to the roof area first and making it wind and watertight. Perhaps the board has learned from previous experiences and there is in fact method in its madness and it intends to keep the building fabric damp to prevent another fire on its watch.

The building was supposed to be open for this year's graduation show but instead the board stated that it will be next year's instead. I will wait with bated breath for that to happen.

George Dale,

21 Oakwood Drive, Beith.