HIS satirical take on Scottish politics, culture and public life has been delivering laughs and raising eyebrows for more than a decade.

The Herald’s cartoonist Steven Camley is regarded as one of the best in the business, and his daily take on the big stories remains a must for readers of the paper and Heraldscotland.com.

In the second part of his Review of the Year, Camley takes aim at the gender pay gap, Theresa May’s gaffe-laden conference speech and ends the year with a classic take on the Brexit talks.

He said: “It has been a particularly newsy year but that doesn’t always mean it is easy to come up with a cartoon as I also like to spot a quirky story.”

In July Camley struck gold with the issue of the pay packages of some TV personalities and managers at the BBC. He contrasted the issue with the furore over Jodie Whittaker taking the reigns as the next – and first – woman Doctor Who while also making a point about the ongoing gender pay gap.

The following month saw the arrival of the first baby boxes, delivered to new mothers and packed with essentials for baby’s first few months. The policy, seen by some as a waste of money by the SNP, has been popular with new families.

In September the Scottish Government announced its legislative programme, with tax rises for the better off and a recycling scheme in return for the Greens’ support. It was fair game for Camley’s brush.

Following Theresa May’s gaffe-prone, cough-afflicted conference speech, he imagined her rivals for the top job – Boris Johnson, David Davis and Michael Gove – were delighted with her showing.

Later that month he focused on Gordon Strachan’s bizarre comments about Scotland’s players being genetically too wee to compete coming back to haunt him as he is sacked after another World Cup qualifying campaign ends in failure.

In November, with the SNP’s minimum unit price policy finally clearing the courts, and spelling the end for cheap high-strength ciders, Camley looks at the reaction at Bute House.

And he ended the year with a favourite in the newsroom, as his cartoon perfectly summed up the mood of many as Brexit talks moved on to the next phase in time for Christmas.

Quick on the draw: How Herald’s star cartoonist captured mood of nation

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