IN the world we live in regular customers, the ones that form the backbone of service companies are totally taken for granted. My recent experience of switching my TV from Sky and phone and broadband from BT have demonstrated that we are totally taken for granted. On phoning to cancel, both offered deals that I could not have known about or accessed as a regular customer. This has also been true switching energy supplier, insurance companies and bank.

The whole service industry is poorly regulated in that it does not advertise or notify its regular customers of the kind of deals they are prepared to offer to new customers. The regulators are weak and do not operate in the interest of those who generally fund their operation either through tax or levies – the customers.

I challenge a Tory-led Westminster Government to fix this rip-off. Surely it can't be happy with the way the service industry works for the vast majority of working and retired voters. A simple hand on the regulatory tiller would end regular customers not being notified of and not being offered the same deal as they are offering to new customers.

Dave Biggart,

Southcroft, Knockbuckle Road, Kilmacolm.