SCOTRAIL’s service to and from Lanark is a disgrace. Failure to invest in the basics like decent rolling stock means that passengers are faced with a journey often with toilets that do not function. The actual rolling stock is past its sell-by date. It is poorly maintained and rarely cleaned.

Apart from the state of the carriages, there are not enough of them to carry passengers out of Glasgow at peak times.

Then there is the question of changing trains. Since the timetables have been altered the connections with trains leaving Motherwell for Hamilton are badly timed, resulting in missed trains and long journeys.

There is also for some the problem of stations being missed in order to keep to a time schedule, which is bad news for passengers dependent on getting to places on time.

Privatisation of Scottish train services has proved a unmitigated disaster. Therefore in my opinion, and thousands of others, it is now time to renationalise ScotRail without any compensation as the public has already shelled out the money to Abellio. Why? Basically it does not seem to care about its customers nor its staff – some of the observations, indeed, come from the staff. I trust that the Scottish Government will take prompt action to get our rail services sorted out.

Ed Archer,

18 Hope Street, Lanark.