THE deterrence factor which the government hoped would follow the doubling of points and fines for driving whilst using a mobile device is obviously not working given the case of Luke Pirie ("Driver is jailed for six years over death of two-year-old", The Herald, October 5) and others. For deterrence to really work the penalties for failing to comply must be so severe that they make people stop and think. I would therefore recommend to the Government that it adopts the following regime which is designed to be disruptive and as awkward as possible to normal life.

On being caught using a mobile device while driving the mobile is automatically confiscated and the vehicle is impounded for three months. The driver has an automatic six-month ban from driving and their licence endorsed with nine points for five years against any future offences.

These penalties reflect the danger created by selfish drivers who disregard the danger or simply don't care.

I believe that such a regime would act as a real deterrent and stop the abominable practise of driving while using a mobile device. Will the Government take action to protect us all?

Dave Biggart,

Southcroft, Knockbuckle Road, Kilmacolm.