THE acclaimed Irish writer Fintan O'Toole nailed the problem with Brexit this week. According to the Brexiteers, he said, separation from Europe would have been just wonderful if firstly it hadn't been for those pesky judges - denounced as "enemies of the state". Then it was the fault of recalcitrant MPs who wanted the right to a vote - "saboteurs" they were called. Now, the blame is going one way - to Ireland, for the Dublin government will countenance no border across the island, an inevitable consequence of the UK's vote to leave Europe.

The threat to peace is a step so low, so dangerous, so stupid it must be stopped at all costs. The Scottish government has rightly stepped forward to say it will stand beside the Irish government in opposition to any border. Ireland is no longer some dominion of London and Theresa May's government would do well to remember that - for the government of Leo Varadkar looks set to squeeze the Brexit lemon until the pips squeak.

Varadkar has the backing of all the other EU nations. As European Council president Donald Tusk spelt out - when it comes to the border, Ireland will get what Ireland wants as the wishes of London are worth nothing in Brussels when compared to the wishes of Dublin. That's what friends and allies are for.

This could derail the entire Brexit project. As Fintan O'Toole made clear, while the Brexiteers cast around for scapegoats on all sides, they have no-one to blame but themselves.