THE Sunday Herald would like to wish our readers a very happy Christmas. At this time of year we think of those who matter to us and, to the Sunday Herald, our readers matter most.

Today, honest journalism counts more than ever, and we thank you for putting your trust in us. We believe your trust is rewarded by the hard work we do bringing you the truth. This is a paper which has always held power to account, stuck up for the underdog and put fairness and equality top of the agenda.

Just look at some of the stories we brought to you in 2017. We told you fracking would be banned, that the public sector pay cap would be lifted. We broke the news about the meltdown in Anas Sarwar's campaign, we were the first to reveal sexual harassment at Holyrood, we reported on the civil war inside Labour on the eve of Kezia Dugdale's resignation, we warned of the Brexit powergrab against Scotland. The death of the Scottish Six O'Clock News. Lochs poisoned by chemicals. Sexual inequality in the Scottish workplace. The true toll of drug driving. Foreign spies hacking the Scottish Parliament. The DUP's links to terror. Orange Order members elected to Scottish councils. Death threats against Nicola Sturgeon. The plight of the homeless.

But it's not all hard news. We want to bring some fun to your Sundays too. We want to entertain you as well as inform you.

So, once again readers, thank you for being part of the Sunday Herald family - have a wonderful holiday.