LABOUR grandee Andrew Adonis has voiced what many of our readers believe: a second referendum is needed on the outcome of the Brexit negotiations, and Scotland has a key role to play in making that happen.

Just weeks ago, the prospect of a fresh vote on EU membership was a distant one. Even among passionate remain supporters there was a reluctance to agitate for a second referendum.

Yet less than a month on, Theresa May has suffered a humiliating Commons defeat over Brexit.

Tellingly, even former UKIP leader Nigel Farage felt compelled last week to warn his supporters to prepare for a second EU referendum.

However, in today's Sunday Herald, Adonis makes a convincing case that Brexit can and should be stopped. The Scottish Government's role will be pivotal, particularly the pressure Nicola Sturgeon is exerting on Jeremy Corbyn to step up.

While it's indisputable that the UK voted to leave the EU, it's simply not the case that the electorate signed a blank cheque to allow the Tories to pursue whatever version of Brexit they see fit - particularly when huge swathes of the UK, including Scotland, London and Northern Ireland voted remain.

With Brexit increasingly looking like a suicidal gamble by Tory extremists, it is now time to campaign for the final Brexit deal to be placed before the UK electorate in a second referendum.

This paper sincerely hopes that if another vote is held, leave voters come to their senses and see our future lies with our friends in Europe.