It's said we are living in the age of New Puritanism. Clean living Millennials are now drinking and smoking far less than their Generation X parents according to surveys and attitudes are changing - recent data shows only one in ten Millennials view getting drunk as "cool". There is now a raft of books and manuals encouraging "mindful drinking" and espousing the benefits of sobriety. There's also a new crop of "sober clubbing" events - organisers claim you don't need mind-altering substances to have a great time on the dance floor. Young people are even reportedly having less sex. Ongoing research shows young adults today have fewer partners than the same age group did 30 years ago.

But until now you could always count on a hen or stag-do to provide some - admittedly formulaic - youthful wildness. No longer, it seems, with the arrival of the Zen Hen-do, where cocktails are swapped for herbal teas and nights on the town for yoga and glamping. There is no doubt that all this good living is better for your health - who can argue that taking care of your liver and your lungs can be a bad thing? Likewise having solid emotional boundaries in regard to sex is to be applauded.

But in a world so often bereft of joy let's make sure we don't take this too far. Letting go and having fun can also be good for the soul, an important way of celebrating our short time on earth.