A Cabinet minister has accused the SNP of not caring about the will of Scots and failing to follow a "democratic approach".

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom hit out after the SNP's Deidre Brock (Edinburgh North and Leith) claimed the UK Government is making a "mess" of both the economy and Brexit.

Ms Brock added the Scottish Government's economic successes shows the need for Westminster to devolve further powers to Holyrood.

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Speaking in the Commons, Ms Leadsom replied: "I think you raise a point where it'd behove you to look very carefully at what the Scottish Government is doing now.

"Its track record of managing its current devolved powers leaves something to be desired.

"You say the Government is not doing well with EU withdrawal, I beg to completely differ with you.

"We are today introducing the EU (Withdrawal) Bill which seeks to implement the will of the people.

"Now, in their Scottish nationalist party they clearly don't care about the will of the people.

"The Scottish people decided they wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom and they, rather than trying to get on with the day job, only focus on who makes those decisions.

"That's not a democratic approach."

Ms Brock had asked: "Given the mess the UK Government is making of the economy and Brexit, and how successful the Scottish Government has been on recent economic measures, will you agree to a debate on devolving further fiscal responsibilities to Scotland?"

SNP Commons leader Pete Wishart bemoaned the lack of a debate on the "perverse" £1 billion deal which will see the DUP prop up Theresa May's minority administration.

He said: "(It's) completely altered the usual funding allocations for the nations of the United Kingdom.

"Now, the Prime Minister may have shed a tear on election night but (the DUP is) marching all the way to the bank, rubbing their hands with glee.

"But they'll be back demanding another few hundred million pounds like an extortionist knows when he has you in a vice-like grip in those sensitive places."