JEREMY Corbyn has left the door open to the possibility of Labour supporting Britain remaining in the European single market for the long term after Brexit.

Labour has already shifted its position, saying that it now supports the country remaining in the single market during the transitional period beyond 2019.

But in an interview with BBC Radio’s World At One, the party leader was asked what would happen after that.

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He said: “We want a relationship which allows us to trade within the single market. Whether that is formal membership - which is only possible, I believe, if you are actually a member of the EU - or whether it is an agreed trading relationship, is open for discussion.”

Mr Corbyn has previously said the UK would have to leave the single market because it was "inextricably linked" with EU membership.

However, his latest remarks suggest that the Labour leader has not closed his mind to the so-called “Norway option,” whereby Britain becomes a member of the European Economic Area, where it would have access to the single market, pay a fee but have no vote over the EU’s rules.

Crucially, under this option people from the EU would be free to work and live in the UK.