MSPs have warned Europe’s chief negotiator about the impact of Brexit on Scotland.

Members of Holyrood’s European Committee met Michel Barnier in Brussels.

SNP convenor Joan McAlpine said the group had held “constructive” discussions for over an hour with Mr Barnier, adding: “On a personal level, Mr Barnier was charming and open.”

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She said: "The committee presented Mr Barnier with reports from their long-running inquiry into the consequences of Brexit for Scotland and raised their concerns about the consequences of leaving the single market and the impact on key Scottish sectors such as agriculture, fisheries, higher education and exporting industries.

"We also highlighted our concerns about the future of EU citizens living in Scotland.

"Mr Barnier was interested in Scotland and was well-informed about our concerns.”

In recent weeks, Mr Barnier has become increasingly blunt about his frustration with the UK government’s slow pace in the Brexit negotiations, which are due to end in around a year.

LibDem MSP Tavish Scott added: “He believes that the UK Government have yet to say what they want on lots of issues such as budgets. Mr Barnier was crystal clear about asking for complete clarity from the UK Government so that negotiations could take place.”