SNP MPs lined up to challenge the Scottish Secretary to name one power that would definitely come to the Scottish Parliament as a result of Brexit.

David Mundell was repeatedly asked in the Commons to single out what new powers would be transferred to Holyrood as a result of the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Speaking during Scotland questions, Mr Mundell told MPs that the Government expected there to be a "significant increase in the decision-making power of each devolved administration" and accused the SNP in Westminster of taking a "pantomime approach" to the issue of powers.

But his response was described as "fluff" by the SNP's David Linden (Glasgow East), who added that "there was absolutely no substance to that".

His SNP colleague, Patrick Grady (Glasgow North), said: "We hear this all the time, this powers bonanza that's coming, but the Prime Minister was unable to tell us on Monday, and it seems he was unable to tell the Scottish Affairs Committee yesterday.

"So let's give him another opportunity: can the Secretary of State name one power that will definitely come to the Scottish Parliament as a result of Brexit?"

Mr Mundell said engagement would be with the Scottish Government.

"That is where the discussions are going on in relation to the transfer of powers," he said. "But I am absolutely certain that at the end of this process the Scottish Parliament will have more powers and responsibilities than it does right now."

He added: "This is about grandstanding, it's not about the substantive issue of ensuring a transfer of very significant powers from the 111 powers that were listed to the Scottish Parliament.

"I believe in devolution, I'm committed to devolution and I want to see the maximum number of powers transferred. The SNP don't believe in devolution."

SNP Martyn Day (Linlithgow and East Falkirk) said that if Mr Mundell was "struggling for powers", he might want to consider immigration to tackle the skills shortage.

Mr Mundell replied: "Immigration is not being devolved to Scotland."