THE best bit of Scottish Labour's manifesto launch was Kezia Dugdale’s Q&A. After the standard jeering when the press raised Jeremy Corbyn and the IRA, the biggest groan went to fawning Glenrothes candidate Altany Craik, who drooled: “What things in the manifesto will make a difference to people’s lives?” Even Ms Dugdale said “wow” at that.

WITH the LibDems stuck in the polls, Unspun suspects Willie Rennie is now courting disaster to get noticed. A proven pig aphrodisiac and the victim of a recent ram attack, the LibDem leader today dares yet another animal photo op by “taking some alpacas for a walk”. No doubt he hopes a good trampling will get him on the news at six. Fingers crossed.

AFTER a nurse told the BBC leaders debate she’d been forced to use a food bank, top Nat Joanna Cherry apologised for wrongly saying she was married to a Tory councillor. However City of Stirling SNP has yet to say sorry for its lack of charity. “Maybe she needs to tighten her belt a bit more?” it tweeted. #caring

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FINALLY, Scottish LibDem press officer Tim Hustler, who appears to be training for the Edinburgh marathon in giant blue underpants, has blamed campaign director Adam Stachura for dobbing him in to Unspun. “Adam just can’t handle these thighs!” he tells us indignantly. You’d think a press officer would phrase that differently.