DAPPER BBC reporter Nick Eardley was caught out by the tighter security at Holyrood this week. Forced to surrender his bag, the former Scottish Socialist party candidate was found to have a large personal supply of make-up with him. Well, you have to look your best when the revolution comes...

THE SNP website promises an interesting Nat fundraiser in Coatbridge, Chryston & Bellshill tomorrow. Punters are directed to a map of the “Phoenix Tattoo & Removal” parlour. But does this mean the referendum phoenix is rising again - or being given the laser treatment?

THE cross-dressers of Edinburgh South and South West have two new role models in their Labour and SNP candidates. In South, Labour’s Ian Murray is chasing tactical votes by carrying an endorsement on his leaflets from the Tory Spectator magazine, while Ms Cherry has one from the Labour New Statesman. Truly, an election like no other.

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ALSO in Edinburgh South, Mr Murray recently knocked the door of former Tory spindoctor Andy Maciver. Mr Murray knew who it was, but mischievously didn’t let on to his sidekick Duncan Hothersall. Mr Maciver remained unconverted, but did give high marks for effort.