HE’S back! Jim Murphy has risen from the losers’ crypt to back Labour in East Renfrewshire. In a letter to voters, Jim bleats “I lost narrowly” in 2015. In fact, so beloved was he, he held the SNP to its “smallest majority in the country”. Unless you count the four seats where it was even smaller, Jim.

WILLIE Rennie was in South Queensferry yesterday for a photo op based on the Back to the Future movies. (Don’t ask. It’s an election.) Dressed as Marty McFly the LibDem boss posed by a De Lorean as a special effect was ignited. As he and the car appeared to go up in smoke, a photographer shouted: “That’s just like your career, Willie!”

TO complete his look, Mr Rennie flipped down a pair of sunglasses. “These are all grubby, I can’t see out them,” he moaned. He wasn’t alone in the dark however. “Er, what’s this about?” asked a puzzled Alex Cole-Hamilton on the sidelines of the stunt. Mr Cole-Hamilton, please note, is chair of the party’s general election campaign.

THIS was all in Edinburgh West, where the SNP’s Toni Giugliano also has some retro views, it seems. As vice-president of the Young European Federalists in 2008 he declared Gordon Brown’s biggest career mistake was not joining the Euro and “not a single argument stands for holding on to the pound”. Curiously, an insight not included on his leaflets.