UK LibDem leader Tim Farron has been getting grief over his beliefs on homosexuality. But help is at hand - from Scotland’s Orange Order. Poor Tim has been “hounded for being a Christian” in an “age of rampant atheism and secularism”, says the latest lodge newsletter. “You have to feel sorry for him.” After that endorsement, we’re sure many people will.

THE SNP manifesto launch in Perth was an excitable affair, with the concert hall rammed to the rafters with gung-ho activists. A pity the fact-checking was less intense. Page 6 featured a pledge to “guarantee the continuation of tuition free university education.” We’re sure students would love the extra time in bed, but we fear for their degrees.

DEPUTY Angus Robertson has never been shy about his genius, but even seasoned Nat watchers were taken aback by Page 9, which was full of Tweets singing his praise. “Excellent, class act, the real opposition” etc. It was not always thus. A few years ago the SNP press office put out a speech calling him “Anus Robertson”. They naturally denied it was deliberate.

ONE of the media at the launch was also taken aback to find Ayrshire candidate Corri Wilson lurking in the gents toilet. “This the unisex one?” she asked, next to a row of male urinals. Ms Wilson’s reputation as one of the blunter tools in the Westminster box remains intact.