DISTURBING scenes at Holyrood ahead of yesterday’s Scottish LibDems manifesto launch, where campaign boss Alex Cole-Hamilton was heard loudly declaring he was off home for a “shave and a s***” before the event. One witness unable to shake the mental image tells Unspun it was the first time they’d have welcomed a LibDem U-turn.

AS Willie Rennie dawdled with broadcasters at the launch, the scribblers were shown, childlike, to a table laden with sweets. Some seemed to be sly digs at the leader’s animal woes. There were sugary sheep (he was biffed by a ram) and pinky pigs (a different biffing and ramming). When he saw them, Willie groaned: “Oh not pigs. That’s so last year.”

FROM there the press pack loped to the Ukip launch along the road, where the media outnumbered the ‘kippers 2-to-1. Perhaps it was the pair of lads in the front row necking lagers that put him off, but Scottish chair Calum Walker opened proceedings with the immortal line: “Good evening everyone. Thank you for coming here this afternoon.”

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COMEBACK Corbyn was also facing the press yesterday. Asked whether he had called for an IRA ceasefire during the Troubles, the Labour leader showed his new-found professionalism by ducking the question. Instead, he said he’d always wanted one. That he kept this opinion to himself for years was a mere footnote. The start of a new, quieter politics perhaps?