NAT MSP John Mason has being getting grief for Tweeting education has moved on since the three Rs and it’s not a problem if a “good surgeon cannot spell”. Some sticklers reckon it’s important to tell an aneurysm from an orgasm. Labour’s James Kelly, for one, was livid. The FM must be squirming over the spelling Tweet, he wrote, attributing it to one “John Madon”.

LABOUR are struggling to hide their doubts about winning Edinburgh North & Leith. A note to members on post-election plans says the candidate, city councillor Gordon Munro, will be at a stall on the Saturday after the vote. People are urged to “show support for Gordon as our new MP”. It then adds more realistically “or as one of our councillors”. Quite.

ELSEWHERE in the capital, Labour Edinburgh South hopeful Ian Murray recently appeared on BBC Scotland’s GMS programme. The arch Corbyn-sceptic was asked about his boss yet again appearing to wobble over allowing a second referendum. “Jeremy has clarified his position again and again,” he harrumphed. Yes, but isn’t that the point?

MR MURRAY also features on the excellent website. Normally very reliable, it seems to have been taken in by a hoax. A spoof leaflet shows the uber Unionist Mr Murray sporting a Union flag jacket above the legend “Your Scottish Conservative candidate”. It is strangely convincing, mind you. Maybe next time...