KIRSTEN Oswald, the SNP hopeful in East Renfrewshire, was superstitious enough as she tried to fend off Labour and Tory challengers, but on the last day of campaigning a removal van parked outside her office. “If you don’t want it, junk it,” ran the ominous slogan on the side.

MEANWHILE in Ayrshire, the SNP’s Corri WIlson posted a video on Twitter from a polling station in Stair which was once a school. “This is quite special,” she sighed. “My grandfather was the dux here.” At which a lorry went past and drowned her out, showing she’d decided to film next to a noisy road. Not a hereditary dux-ship, then....

LABOUR door-knockers in East Lothian found it impossible to mark their voter contact sheets yesterday because of the rain. Pencils and pens ripped the damp paper. So in an inspired moment, they switched to lip liner - and were suddenly within kissing distance of victory.

THE atrocious weather also had one SNP canvasser wracking their brains for a precedent. “I can’t remember rain like this since Holyrood 2003,” they told Unspun. You mean when John Swinney lost a fifth of his MSPs and quit as SNP leader a year later? “Er, not that I want to make too many comparisons,” they added swiftly.

TORY MSP Jamie Greene reports a friend’s bizarre experience at the polling station. As soon as they walked in somebody asked to weigh them. Confused, they obliged, voted and left. A new way of checking ID? Not quite. Turns out Weight Watchers were in the hall next door.