THE World Cup continues to dominate headlines down here to the extent that the All England Club are probably considering banning questions on the topic as well as footage on big screens. There was a Gallic shrug from Adrian Mannarino when asked if he had been obsessing over the prospect of France versus Belgium all the time he was on court against Roger Federer.

“I don’t have any thought about it,” said the No 22 seed. “I mean, last time I was playing during the French team matches, and no-one reacted about anything. I haven’t been distracted at any time with the football stuff. I’m really not into it. It’s just like if nothing was going on at the moment.”

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THE Croats on the other hand, are getting right into it. Donna Vekic, whose dad used to be a goalkeeper from Osijek, is sending her nation ‘good vibesMilos Raonic, who works with the Croatian slayer of Tim Henman in that famous 2001 SW19 semi-final, is asked if his continuing involvement in the tournament has prevented him from travelling out to Russia to watch the team in person. “I think you need to sit down with him and discuss this,” said Raonic. “I don’t know his whole travel plan.”

THE nuances of the our unique footballing rivalry with the Auld Enemy are lost on some people. Speaking with a journalist from South America, she asks; ‘Didn’t Scotland used to have a team too?’. Ah, to see ourselves as others see us.